Product Spotlight
  • Available from Air Systems Mfg. of Lenoir Inc.

    For various applications and name brand equipment manufacturers, Air Systems Mfg., Inc. provides new equipment, standard products and custom fabrication for the dust collection and air filtration industry. Services Provided • Inventory-systems and components • Sales support •... Read More
  • Available from

    Our spiral pipe combines for you the economies of light gauge metal with our spiral lock-seam construction that guarantees maximum rigidity and strength. As a result of it's superior structural strength, the ductwork requires fewer joints and hangers. All spiral pipe measures the even inch... Read More
  • Available from Smartech International, LP

    Smartech’s Revolving Roll Rack was designed for low ceilings and tight budgets. It stores 12 full-size (20” diameter) rolls or up to 20 smaller rolls of 3D Laminate, Paper, Fabric, or whatever rolled material you use in your production. Turn the rack to the outfeed position by hand on the... Read More
Top Companies
  • is one of the largest stocking suppliers of dust collection spiral pipe, fittings and accessories for industrial ventilation, dust, and fume collection in the United States. Our main focus is on the woodworking and plastic industries with a client base consisting of nationwide... Read More
  • Clarke's was founded in 1952 in Eugene, Oregon, specializing in sheet metal fabrication. Today, Clarke's manufactures a variety of equipment for our primary marketplace, the wood products industry; as well as providing special services to many other customers from our three USA locations. Read More
  • Smartech—Your Smart Source for Silicone and Natural Rubber Membranes, 3D-Laminate Storage Solutions, and great pressroom tools. If you want peak performance for your membrane press operations, you've come to the right place. Read More