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By Walzcraft Industries, Inc.

Custom Face Frames. Built to your specifications. Beaded Inset, Fully assembled or ready-to-assemble are just some of the options. Read more »

By Keystone Wood Specialties Inc.

All of our face frames are manufactured with mortise-and-tenon construction. Options include square, beveled, or beaded insets, and may be ordered finished or unfinished, assembled or not assembled (unfinished only). Order your face frames finished in one of our many standard stains and colors,... Read more »


Self Drilling Screws for all Interior Woodworking applications and Melamine fabrication & Cabinet Installlation. Read more »

By Custom Service Hardware, Inc.

Here at Custom Service Hardware, we offer the best variety of hardware screws to help you complete any household project. We carry our own type of screws as well as brands like FastCap, Knape & Vogt and Kreg. You can even search by screw type, finish, driver type, screw head shape and the shaft... Read more »

By Autodesk

FeatureCAM provides the fastest preparation of machining data by using its unique feature-based and knowledge-based technology to allow programming in seconds. Furthermore, FeatureCAM’s exceptional ease of use makes it ideal for product designers that are not CAM specialists but who need to... Read more »

By Arauco

Flakeboard manufactures FIBREX® high density thin MDF on two 5-foot continuous presses. This continuous technology enables us to provide customers with a flexible range of lengths and widths to suit any application. Additionally, Flakeboard can provide value-added upgrades such as... Read more »

By Corp

"Proper Filter Bag Tension Is Vital For Efficient Dust Collector Operation!" Filter Bags that are over tensioned can put excessive stress on fabric yarns and sewing threads and also prohibit the necessary movement for releasing Filter Cake. This one installation error alone is one of the main... Read more »

By Corp is a supplier of dust collector filter cages as well as filter bags. We provide a wide range of configurations to best fulfill your needs. Cage constructions typically consist of 10, 12 or 20 vertical wires. The horizontal ring spacing on the cage can be 4″, 6″ or 8″. If plenum... Read more »


We specialize in air filtration, air movement, as well as collection equipment. Our staff offers quality and reliable service you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company and the services we provide. Whether... Read more »

By Atlantic Machinery Corp.

FIN Laminating Equipment including two and four roller Glue Spreaders, Pinch Rollers, Disc Conveyors, Panel Cleaners and Panel Positioners along with a full line of hot and cold presses Read more »

By Keystone Wood Specialties Inc.

Virtually all of Keystone's products are available pre-finished to our customers' specifications. Choose from our many standard finishes; or provide a sample, and we will custom color match your order. Most pre-finished Keystone products receive two coats of moisture resistant catalyzed... Read more »

By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in furniture production The production of furniture often requires very complex processes. Wooden and other combustible materials are worked in different ways by numerous fast-running machines. Therefore, furniture production holds a high risk of fire. Sparks, glowing embers or particles, generated in different plant... Read more »

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By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in MDF production Due to their various capabilities in wooden and furniture constructions, MDF panels (medium density fibreboard) are a derived timber product, the demand of which is growing the most worldwide. The panels are produced in large quantities on continuous pro-duction lines, running at high speeds.... Read more »

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By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in OSB panel production Thanks to their three-layer construction out of oriented long chips, OSB panels (oriented strand board) stand out due to their good mechanical properties. Especially in wooden constructions, OSB panels are nowadays essential as supporting and reinforcing structural elements. However, the... Read more »

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By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in wood-based panel production Within the forestry industry, the wood based panel industry is of utmost significance. It is only thanks to the mechanical transformation of the grown wood into wood based panels with defined properties that the requirements of modern wooden and furniture constructions can be optimally complied... Read more »

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The FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is a cost effective solution for the prevention of baghouse fires and explosions. It identifies and extinguishes a spark in a pneumatic duct within a fraction of a second, preventing the spark from entering filtration units and storage bins... Read more »

By Edgemate, Inc.

Fleece backed automatic and preglued coils are available in over 40 species from stock. Automatic, preglued or rolls with pre-appled peel and stick adhesives are avaiable. Custom options are also avialable. There is also our Executive Collection of exotic species available in as little as single... Read more »

By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

Over 50 sizes: 1/16" ID to 55/64" ID. Up to 8 colors to choose from. Coiled Tubing. Standard and Metric Sizes. Clear, Opaque or Transparent. Bulk Spools. Read more »

By Clarke's Industries Inc.

Flo-Matic Systems Clarke's Flo-Matic Systems consists of a combination of tested and proven equipment, properly applied and interfaced to accomplish a specific material handling task. Our rotary classifiers, trommel screens, doffing roll bins, drum screens, Flo-Matic bins, chain reclaimers, metering bins and... Read more »

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By Flying Dutchman Inc.

Flying Dutchman manufactures industrial silo & bin unloaders for bark, hogged fuel, sanderdust, sawdust, shavings, veneer scrap, and wood chips. Applications include feeding boilers, trucks, and/or process machinery such as briquetters, pellet mills, baggers, mixers, and/or wood plastic... Read more »

By Dantherm Group

The Dantherm FMC range of reverse jet cartridge filters was developed for continuous operation in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications – incorporating Dantherm UniClean (patented) cartridge technology for maximum cleaning efficiency and extended life. Also, when paired... Read more »

By Atomizing Systems Inc.

OC-15/MK-VI FOG BLOWER: NEW FOG SYSTEM FOR DISPERSING ODOR-COUNTERACTANTS INTO ATMOSPHERE Applications: How do you avoid all the problems of supplying a fog of odor-counteractant product and dispersing It over a wide area? Use a totally self-contained Fog Blower system that not only breaks... Read more »

By Atomizing Systems Inc.

Atomizing Systems' control components are critical to successful performance of the fog system. Standard features are variable-Frequency-Drives, proportional speed control based on pressure feedback, temperature/humidity sensors; and optional timing & zone controls. We provide just the right... Read more »

By Atomizing Systems Inc.

The Fog-Fan '609' by Atomizing Systems Inc. is a circular, high-pressure, six-nozzle, fan-driven fogging unit for adding humidity in areas where injection within an air handler or low-ceiling area was previously not possible. The 1,700-cfm fan pushes droplets out for full evaporation, and there... Read more »

By Atlantic Machinery Corp.

Atlantic Machinery Corp carries the complete line of Fravol edgebanding machines. In addition to their automatic single-side edge processing machines for both straight and curved applications, the line offers a variety of options for small to large shops. They can process thin tape, 3mm PVC,... Read more »

By Auer Jordan Co.

Full-Round Wall Rail Fittings by Auer-Jordan join easily to standard full round rails in 1-1/2” - 1-3/4” - 2”diameters. Create a complete service rail system by combining Auer-Jordan’s extensive line of fitting with standard straight round rail. Standard woods include: Red Oak - Maple -... Read more »

By Pentco Industries Inc.

Fullwrap specializes in European post-formed cabinet doors, drawer fronts and components. Utilizing the latest machinery and tooling, doors can be wrapped in a wide range of high pressure laminates, natural wood veneers, and engineered veneers. Various Door Styles and Profiles are available,... Read more »

By Blum Inc.

Functional cabinet hardware component products from Blum include: lift systems (Aventos bi-fold cabinet doors and stay lifts); concealed hinges (face frame hinges with soft closing action, compact hinges and Clip top hinges); runner systems (Tandem plus Blumotion concealed runners, Tandem... Read more »

By Grass America, Inc.

Grass America supplies a extensive line of functional hardware, fittings and accessories for cabinets, shelving and more, including: frameless hinge systems; face frame hinge systems; institutional hinge systems; drawer systems; side mount slide systems; undermount slide systems; ball bearing... Read more »

By Tricel Honeycomb Corporation

In manufacturing, less is more – less weight equals more productivity, lower shipping costs and less damage. Because the less a piece weighs, the fewer people you need to move it around. Tricel Honeycomb panels are as strong as particle board but weigh 50 – 80% less. Which means you can cut... Read more »

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By DCT Leathers

Furniture Upholstery Hides If your requirements for Leather Furniture Upholstery hides demand the highest quality and largest selection, DCT Leathers has the ability to meet your upholstery hide and leather upholstery replacement chair DCT Leathers is proud to offer Muirhead and Bridge of Weir leather, with... Read more »

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