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By Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc.

Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc. manufactures Movable Blade and Fixed Blade Ripsaws. These machines can be equipped with Hogging Blades to eliminate edgings. Read more »

By Cabinet Pro

For Dealers of Garage Cabinets and Accessories. Read more »


1/4x5/16 Rectangle Gasket Material 1/4x3/16 Rectangle Gasket Material 1/4x3/8 Rectangle Gasket Material 4mm Round Gasket Material 8mm Round Gasket Material Read more »

By Global Finishing Solutions

GFS Parts and Filters Division provides nearly countless numbers of replacement parts and air filters for hundreds of different types of finishing products. With items available for both modern equipment and legacy products dating back several decades, and for multiple brands. The GFS Accessory... Read more »

By Global Finishing Solutions

GFS Convection Ovens are modular, factory-built convection type ovens that operate at temperatures ranging from 100ºF up to 600ºF. Ovens can be heated with gas, fuel oil or electricity and are designed to move products through the heat zone using a variety of transport systems. Overhead trolley... Read more »

By Global Finishing Solutions

GFS Systems Integration Group utilizes decades of technical expertise and engineering success to create complex automated turn-key finishing systems that reach new levels of production efficiency and energy savings. GFS finishing systems range from simple one- or two-stage to multi-stage... Read more »

By Global Finishing Solutions

GFS Paint Kitchens are portable, fire rated buildings, generally used for the safe storage of hazardous materials and waste. Other applications include paint mixing, pumping stations and/or as a compliant storage area where the quantities of liquids stored exceed the hold amount or when square... Read more »

By Global Finishing Solutions

Global Finishing Solutions' Paint Mix Rooms provide a controlled area to safely mix paints. Fabricated from 18-gauge unpainted galvanized sheet steel. Panels are pre-punched and companion flanged for easy nut and bolt on-site assembly. A convenient built-in 4" deep containment base is designed... Read more »

By Global Finishing Solutions

GFS Industrial Division offers an incredibly diverse range of products for all imaginable types of finishing operations. From small, bench-style paint booths that are ideal for woodworking projects, to multi-stage automated finishing systems, GFS Industrial provides solutions to businesses of... Read more »

By Veneer Systems Inc.

Glue spreaders with 2 or 4 rollers for top and bottom glue spreading. Available in standard and custom sizes Read more »

By Therm O Web Inc.

When it comes to an environmentally friendly alternative to creating laminated panels Therm O Web leads the industry. Therm O Web’s Glue Web Laminating System is easy to use, cost effective, has minimal waste, and utilizes our exclusive EVA hot melt glue web adhesive. It is non toxic, produces... Read more »

By Atlantic Machinery Corp.

The KGS/GMC Series vertical panel saws start with a singular rigid and stable grid, allowing a sturdy platform for panel processing. The machines have a 4HP motor to power a 250mm diameter blade for a maximum 60mm depth of cut, and are outfitted with a belt driven scoring unit utilizing a 110mm... Read more »

By Wagner Meters

The LDS200 sorting of “green” lumber is a proven, non-contact method of decreasing drying times, tightening final moisture contents, and increasing lumber grade in your mill by sorting your lumber into groups that will dry more uniformly. Features of the LDS200 include: *Non-invasive,... Read more »

By Smartech International, LP

Technical Data Compound A-SA 55-82 Durometer 55° +/- 5° Elongation > 600% Tensile Strength > 1349 psi (9.3 Mpa) Max. Temperature 220°C / 428°F Read more »

By Smartech International, LP

Compound A-SA 55-82 Durometer 55° +/- 5° Elongation > 600% Tensile Strength > 1349 psi (9.3 Mpa) Max. Temperature 220°C / 428°F Read more »


We make for all machines! Available in 29mm,45mm,48mm heights. We also make 'custom pods' for that special job. 26x198x168 Grid Table Pod Half Standard HD Pod with valve & gasket Grid Pod Tiger Full Pod with Valve Assembly for Flat or Grid Tables Tiger Half Pod with Valve Assembly for... Read more »

By Custom Accents

Custom Accents® grommets are designed to organize and control wires to desktop and working surfaces. Streamline the desk or work station with this extensive selection of grommets. Telephone wires, computer keyboard cables, desk lighting cords, laptop wires, iPad/iPhone cables and video component... Read more »