Products in the Modern Woodworking Online Blue Book

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  • Jowacoll Dispersion adhesives By Jowat Corp.

    Jowacoll® PVAc dispersions white glues / PVAc Jowacoll® reactive D3 / D4 PVAc dispersions waterproof 1K- / 2K glues Jowacoll® EVAc dispersions Laminating adhesives/ glues for flat bonding Jowapur® PU dispersions 1K and 2K heat-sealing adhesives Jowacoll® Copolymer dispersions 1K and 2K... Read More
  • Jowat Toptherm PO hot melt adhesives By Jowat Corp.

    Jowat-TopTherm® PO hot melt adhesive Basis: Polyolefine Read More
  • Jowatherm EVA hot melt adhesives By Jowat Corp.

    Basis: Ethylene vinyl acetate Bonding is a technology of assembly which can be easily be subject to efficiency improvements. The manufacture of adhesives is therfore a growth market: an opportunity for companies offering new innovative products. This is exactly where Jowat can show its... Read More
  • Jowatherm Reactant PUR hot melt adhesives By Jowat Corp.

    One-component, moisture-curing polyurethane hot melt adhesives. Read More