Modern Woodworking - 4/26/19

Products in the Modern Woodworking Online Blue Book

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  • 0162 Surface Mounted Rim Strike By dormakaba Group

    Designed especially to operate with rim exit devices. The 0162 is completely surface mounted, no more cutting of the frame. The rugged stainless steel design accommodates hollow metal, aluminum and wood door frames. The one piece conventional keeper promotes even load distribution in the event... Read More
  • 017 Series, Light Duty, Partial Extension Drawer Slides By Schock Metallwerk GmbH

    017 Series Light Duty, Partial Extension Mini Drawer Slide. Rated for 33lb at 10,000 cycles and 22lb at 100,000 cycles Read More
  • 0363 By Accuride International

    Model 0363 is a full extension, two-way travel slide that provides access from both sides of installations. Full extension in both directions from a center detent essentially doubles the slide travel. This product expands design options in kitchen islands, dining or entertainment bars, medical... Read More
  • 071 Series Releaseable Self Closing Slide By Schock Metallwerk GmbH

    071.777 Series, Full Extension, Releasable Drawer Slides. Optional self-closing feature available. Rated for 80lb at 50,000 cycles Read More
  • 2020 Design By 2020 Spaces

    2020 Design- The Industry’s Leading Kitchen Design Software. Interior design software for kitchen and bath designers. Plan and visualize kitchen and bathroom designs with 2020 Design kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling software. Access thousands of flexible products from manufacturer... Read More
  • 208 Series Ultimate L-Bracket By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    The Knape & Vogt 208 Series Ultimate L-Bracket is designed for extra-heavy loads and will support up to 1,200 pounds per pair. It is often found in counter top and heavy-duty shelving installations. Read More
  • 24/Seven By Wearwell, llc.

    Gain traction in grease and oil and with interlocking mats. Read More
  • 3000 Series CNC Router By Multicam, Inc.

    The 3000 Series CNC Router provides an innovative, heavy-duty, precise cutting system solution for production. The 3000 Series CNC Router has an abundance of standard features including an all-steel plate frame, automatic tool changer, and a wide range of spindle options that allows for a... Read More
  • 3832 Action-Assist By Accuride International

    The 3832 Action-Assist™ is a unique slide that helps users open and close drawers with ease. Based on natural elastic energy, the product is straightforward to install, intuitive, and economical. The user starts the opening and closing action and the slide does the rest. When the drawer is... Read More
  • 3832 Easy-Close By Accuride International

    Full extension, side-mount slide with a soft-close feature. Brings drawers to a smooth, gentle close. The 3832EC enhances installations requiring safe and quiet operation. In commercial or institutional settings, it is well suited to cabinetry, casework, equipment or carts for libraries,... Read More
  • 4 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    The strength and durability of our F1 Series Electric Strikes make them ideal for Fire Rated or heavy-duty applications. The F1 Series Electric Strikes is designed with a unique built-in anti-vibration feature, a saddle mounted housing and a tamper resistant “Pry-Guard” for increased strength... Read More
  • 5 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    Designed to fit perfectly into a standard ANSI frame prep, the 5 Series Easy Mount Strikes do not require any frame cutting. With a strike body depth of less than one inch, no modifications to the dust box are needed either, (excluding the need for a wire access hole on the dust cover). Simply... Read More
  • 516 Series Tite Joint Fastener By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Applies even, controlled pressure between joint members, eliminating twisting and buckling. Designed for 3/4" wood. Center to center 2" to 3 1/2". Read More
  • 6 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    RCI’s ”all-in-one“ 6 Series electric strike combines several requested key features. Standard features include a multi-voltage single solenoid, selectable lock mode (no tools necessary), horizontal adjustment, and plug-in wire connectors. An optional monitor switch is also available. The L65 Low... Read More
  • 7 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    RCI’s 7 Series electric strikes allow installers to adjust the strike pivot horizontally for precise alignment. Unique anti-vibration design prevents manipulation by vibration. Crossed wires are never a problem, as the coil is non polarity-conscious. • Accommodates 5/8" latch... Read More
  • 8310 MultiMag® By dormakaba Group

    These hard-working multi-purpose electromagnetic locks enhance building security and install quickly. Several standard features make these magnets the “workhorse” of the industry. The adjustable mounting bracket has been enhanced with keyhole mounting to support the magnet’s weight... Read More
  • 8371 Surface MiniMag® By dormakaba Group

    Our low-profile MiniMags® have been extremely popular for interior traffic control. These short electromagnetic locks install perfectly alongside most automatic door operators or stop-mounted door hardware, reducing installation time and eliminating the need for extra brackets. The MiniMags®... Read More
  • 906/908 Handicap & Exit Mushroom Buttons By dormakaba Group

    • Ideal for request-to-exit applications • 20-gauge stainless steel faceplate • Standard model fits single-gang surface or recessed electrical boxes (optional) • Hardware kit includes stainless steel tamper-proof screws and spanner bit • Momentary, maintained or time-delay switches... Read More
  • 9212 Stand-Alone Keypads By dormakaba Group

    The 9212 Series keypads are designed for basic access control or code control for up to four individual devices. These keypads are the perfect choice for controlling electric or electromagnetic locks, security systems, elevator control, gate controls, or other types of equipment requiring on/off... Read More
  • 9310 Easy Read Magstripe™ Card Reader By dormakaba Group

    The Easy Read-Magstripe™ card reader is a stand-alone access control system which accepts any ANSI standard Track II magstripe card, such as bank cards or an existing system's cards. (Note: Sensitive banking or credit information is not encoded on Track 2.) Though an Easy Read-MagstripeTM card... Read More
  • 9320-21 Easy Read-Prox® Slimline By dormakaba Group

    The Easy Read-Prox® Slimline version controls access of up to 10,000 users. All users can be individually voided without the user's token. The Slimline features electronics sealed in a water-resistant resin inside a tough UV stable ABS housing (9320). The wiring is sealed into the housing.... Read More
  • 9322 Micro Readers By dormakaba Group

    The Easy Read-Prox™ Micro version controls access of up to 10,000 users. All users can be individually voided without the user's token. The Micro features electronics sealed in a water-resistant resin inside a tough UV stable ABS housing (9322). The wiring is sealed into the housing. Keyhole... Read More
  • 960 Tamper Resistant Key Switch By dormakaba Group

    These sleek, beveled-edge 960 key switches are designed to discourage tampering. Tamperproof screws and a special driver are included with the key switch to prevent unauthorized removal of the faceplate. The convenient lock-down cylinder bracket can hold two switches and is secured by... Read More