Products in the Modern Woodworking Online Blue Book

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  • PACER Series CNC Router By AXYZ International Inc.

    Pacer Series – Premium quality, precision driven, heavy duty CNC router The Pacer Series is ideal for Plastic and Aluminium fabricators. A single piece, stress relieved heavy duty steel frame, coupled with a helical rack drive system and high tolerance bearing components, delivers high accuracy... Read More
  • Pad Print Equipment By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Industrial Decorating Solutions offers both single color and multiple color pad printers to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The equipment offerings range from manual to automated pad printing equipment, engineered by IDS division's top of the line pad print brands - ITW Morlock GmbH and... Read More
  • Pad Print Supplies By ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    The IDS division offers a wide range of the highest quality supplies and accessories including inks, pads, plates / cliches, laser etching supplies, and cleaning supplies. Our top of the line brands, ITW Morlock and Trans Tech also provide customers with spare parts and tooling solutions for... Read More
  • PAMTite Adhesive By PAM Fastening Technology Inc.

    A hot melt adhesive that applies a strong, clear finish bond to a variety of materials and substrates is now available from PAM Fastening Technology, Inc. Its performance is similar to a more costly permanent pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. The aesthetic and eye-appealing adhesive bond is... Read More
  • Panel Optimizer By Cabinet Pro

    Optimizes panel material showing best cuts. This module is included with the CNC version but is an add-on module to Cabinet Pro or Door Pro. Read More
  • Pantry Units By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Variety of slide out and pivot out pantry storage systems, with a number of different sized frames and baskets to fit any application. Made in the USA. Read More
  • Paper Overlays By Arauco

    Flakeboard offers a variety of high end, polyurethane coated decorative paper finishes, applied to FIBREX® thin high density MDF, Mende thin particleboard or standard particleboard, utilizing a water-based adhesive system. Suitable for drawer bottoms and cabinet backs, these products are also... Read More
  • Particleboard By Arauco

    Particleboard is non-structural, interior product made from wood particles that are often the byproducts from the manufacture of the other wood products such as lumber or paper. The particles are mixed with resins and formed under heat and pressure into a strong, solid board. The board... Read More
  • Parts & Service By Eurohansa Inc.

    With a complete inventory of parts for every ZENO machine we sell, Eurohansa, Inc. insures the fastest possible response for service and support from right here in High Point, NC. Our technicians are available for helping you with troubleshooting and/or parts replacement and we even offer onsite... Read More
  • Parts and Tooling By J & G Machinery, Inc.

    The parts department at J & G Machinery carries over half a million dollars in parts inventory for many different manufacturers. In addition we represent most of the major machinery manufacturers in our industry and can ship parts directly to you from the factory overnight if needed. When you... Read More
  • Phase II Cabinet Doors By Pentco Industries Inc.

    Phase II is all about real wood. Phase II wood doors are available in a selection of fine hardwoods including rift cut white oak, red oak, maple, alder, and cherry with more species available upon request. Phase II doors are crafted specifically to bring out the natural beauty of the wood used... Read More
  • Phasemaster Rotary Phase Converter By Kay Industries Inc.

    The Phasemaster rotary phase converter changes 230 or 460 volt, 1-phase service to an equivalent 3-phase output. It will efficiently operate any 3-phase equipment from an existing 1-phase supply and will provide years of trouble free service. The output of a Phasemaster converter is just like... Read More
  • Pilaster & Shelf Support Clips By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    If you are in need of an adjustable shelving system that can be mounted to the face or mortised in a wood cabinet/bookcase, the full line of Knape & Vogt Pilasters are for you. Whether you need a steel or aluminum system per your project requirements, Knape & Vogt has the highest quality... Read More
  • Pinch Roller By Evans Machinery, Inc.

    Evans Machinery, Inc. Pinch Roller The Evans Model 0256 Pinch Roller is quickly filling the need to help manufactures eliminate the use of contact adhesives. Quick set white glues are becoming the glue of choice and many laminators are choosing the 0256 Pinch Roller to facilitate that process. Read More
  • PITmode By Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    The operating mode selector switch PITmode provides two functions in one compact unit: Selection of operating mode and authorization control for machine access. The PITmode can be used on plant and machinery in which a range of control sequences and operating modes are used. By combining the... Read More
  • Pivot-out & Door-mounted Waste Bins By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Pivot-Out Waste & Recycling Bins with self opening and self closing lid helps to contain odors and debris. Door Mounted Waste bins are the simplest way to quickly hide your waste bin. Clamping ring holds bag securely in place. Designed for frameless cabinets. Door Mounted bins are perfect for... Read More

    Rotoplane Rotary planing machines are the modern way to calibrate and prepare wood products for gluing or finishing. These versatile machines offer improved quality, productivity, and a significant cost savings when compared to conventional planing. Rotoplane machines feature a unique, patented... Read More
  • PlanSwift Plug-In By Tradesoft Inc.

    Part of the ProjectPAK 7.0 release includes an optional link that provides tight integration with PlanSwift, the premier graphical takeoff package for working with digitized drawings. The link is actually a ‘plug in’ that resides within the PlanSwift application. Users will be able to browse... Read More
  • Pleated Filter Elements By Corp

    Increase dust collector efficiency, reduce operating costs, and see improved service life by switching to pleated filter elements. Pleated filters, also known as pleated filter elements, are among the newest and most exciting dust collector technology. By creating a filter with multiple folds of... Read More
  • Pocket Hole Screws By QuickScrews® International Corporation

    We have the largest selection of Square Drive Pocket Hole Screws in America. Our Coarse Thread line is very popular as our customers use them in both Hardwood and Softwood applications. We also carry Fine and High-Low threaded Pocket Hole Screws, with Modified Pan Heads and Round Washer... Read More
  • Pod Gaskets, Vacuumblocks By

    Let us save you money and rebuild your pods! IF you do not see your pods, call us! These pods are found on Stiles, Masterwood, Holzher Machinery,etc.... 140x115 soft pod gasket 125x75 soft pod gasket 140x115 bottom gasket w/ rails Replacement wing plates for vacuum blocks 15mm... Read More
  • Point to Point By MACHINEKING

    Point to point boring machine with CNC control. Read More
  • Polyetser Melamine Edgings By Edgemate, Inc.

    Edgemate offers a complete line of both Polyester and Melamine egdebanding. Avaiable in both automatic and preglued and even with pre-applied peel and stick adhesives. Read More
  • PolyLam EZ By Edgemate, Inc.

    PolyLam EZ is our latest addition to our sheet veneer product line. The most stable sheet veneer product made. Designed to replace phenollic backed sheets. It trimms better, finishes better, leaves vitrually no line at the seams and contains no Formaldehyde.Not brittle liek phenollic backed... Read More
  • Polymer Susans By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Includes a complete assorment of sizes and shapes, including full round, kidney, d-shape, and half-moon. Read More
  • PosiTector 200 By DeFelsko Corporation

    PosiTector 200 Coating Thickness Gage for wood and concrete DeFelsko Corporation The PosiTector 200 coating thickness gage for wood, concrete and more has just been redesigned to include new features, new measurement ranges and the ability to measure up to 3 individual layer thicknesses in a... Read More
  • PosiTector 6000 By DeFelsko Corporation

    Announcing New Removable Built-in Probe for the PosiTector 6000 DeFelsko Corporation The American made PosiTector 6000 is widely used for measuring the dry film thickness of paint and other protective coatings on all metal substrates. With the addition of a Removable Built-in Probe, now ALL... Read More
  • PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester By DeFelsko Corporation

    The American made PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Tester measures adhesion of coatings to concrete, metal and other rigid substrates and now features an electronically controlled hydraulic pump to apply smooth and continuous pull-off pressure at user-selectable rates. The PosiTest AT-A... Read More
  • Post Former By Evans Machinery, Inc.

    Evans Machinery Model 0110 Post Former produces counter tops of uniform quality each and every time. It forms most radiuses without time consuming adjustments. The 0110 now features a pneumatic assisted heater that speeds up your production and cuts down on operator fatigue. The Post Former has... Read More
  • PowerINSPECT By Autodesk

    PowerINSPECT is Delcam’s software for the inspection of prototypes, tooling and production samples against CAD data. It works with a wide range of inspection devices, including static coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and optical and laser-based systems, but is best known as the preferred... Read More
  • Prefinished Veneer Coils By Edgemate, Inc.

    Prefinished veneer coils are offered from stock in a clear UV finished in either automatic or preglued versions in various species. Custom stained prefinish coils are also avaiable by custom order. Prefinished veneer coils are avaiable in virtually any specie even difficult hard to match finishes. Read More
  • Prime6400 By Prime Estimating & Software Services, LLC

    Prime6400 V3.3, is a Windows based estimating software for the Architectural Woodwork, Millwork and Casework industry. Designed by an estimator for estimators that allows you to bid that important project by 2:00pm tomorrow afternoon efficiently and accurately. Setup time is hours not months.... Read More
  • Prime6400 Estimating Services By Prime Estimating & Software Services, LLC

    Professional Estimating Services: More than just software and services…Estimating Strategies & Solutions! Currently bidding for various clients in the US, Canada, Caribbean and Australia. With decades of AWI architectural woodwork experience, we can provide your outsource estimating... Read More
  • Prisma Maxi Double Blade Miter Saw By PAM Fastening Technology Inc.

    A double blade miter saw that provides equal and precise molding cuts with greater flexibility for low to medium volume custom frame shops with a demand for larger moldings is now available from PAM Fastening Technology, Inc. The Brevetti PRISMA MAXI has a unique horizontal cutting stroke that... Read More
  • ProCAB-QC By Accurate Technology Inc.

    ProCAB-QC is a Microsoft Windows application that is part of a quality control measuring solution for measuring and documenting the dimensional quality of fabricated or purchased parts such as cabinet doors. It is designed to be used with a ProTable-CAB two axis dimensional measuring system. Read More
  • Profile Wrap Veneer By Edgemate, Inc.

    Edgemate produces high quality real wood Profile Wrap veneer coils and strips in over 56 species. Many options like water proof fleece lamaintion for type I bonding, Fleece backed or paper bacjked version with fixed length mag tape joints or finger joints. Custom made to your exact specifications. Read More
  • ProjectPAK By Tradesoft Inc.

    ProjectPAK is an extremely flexible estimating package that allows taking off jobs by unit, component, and parametric approaches. Its powerful “job spec sheet” capability allows estimators to choose materials and construction techniques up front, then ProjectPAK automatically configures... Read More
  • PRT2 Rotary Guide By Bishop-Wisecarver

    Introducing a substantially expanded range of precision ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components to suit virtually every rotary and track system application. Not all motion needs are linear, which is where PRT2 (Precision Ring and Track), DTS (Driven Track System), and... Read More
  • PSENhinge By Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    Safe hinge switches are a safe, complete solution for hinged safeguards, comprising a hinge and a safety switch. Designed as one functional unit, they offer a high level of flexibility in installation, connection and adjustment. Safe hinge switches PSENhinge allow the systems to be attached to... Read More
  • PSENsgate By Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    Safety gate systems PSENsgate combine secure safety gate monitoring, safe guard locking and control elements in just one system. And that includes additional functions such as E-STOP and escape release. Connected in series with other PSENsgate, PSENcode and/or PSENslock sensors, and in... Read More
  • PSSuniversal PLC By Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    PSSuniversal PLC is the "all-rounder" of the automation system PSS 4000. In future it will be possible to program the programmable logic controller (PLC) for standard and safety functions in the main IEC 61131-3 languages. A graphics editor is also available with PASmulti (with the familiar... Read More
  • Pulse Jet Baghouse By Corp Brand dust collectors are known the world over as the most powerful and longest lasting Baghouses available. Standard value-added features include such as larger inlet diffusers to prevent hopper turbulence, re-entrainment and facilitate material drop-out. Our Baghouses also include... Read More
  • Pulse Jet Baghouse Conversions By Corp

    Would like to have a new baghouse installed at your facility to replace an outdated, inefficient System? Perhaps you find however that it is simply out of the scope of your maintenance budget? can convert your existing out dated (Shaker and Reverse-Air designs) dust collector or... Read More
  • Pump Stations By Atomizing Systems Inc.

    Quiet, high pressure 'soft-start' pump stations operate up to 1500 psi and allow multiple-zones to fog independently. Read More

    This is a high volume and heavy duty roll press for the lamination of engineered flooring which uses fast curing PUR adhesives. The press is constructed with a window style steel frame and precision machined lineal steel beams forming a sturdy frame base for applying maximum pressure on the wear... Read More
  • PURBlue 4 Adhesive melter By Nordson Corporation

    Nordson’s PURBlue™ 4 adhesive application systems efficiently process moisture-cure reactive adhesives (PUR) in the form of two-, three- or four-kilogram foil encased slugs. The user-friendly design allows the empty foil bags to be quickly and easily changed while graphical intuitive controls... Read More
  • PurgeX Complete Lubrication Systems By Oil Rite Corp.

    PurgeX pumps provide precise liquid delivery at exact intervals, reducing excess environmental contaminants as well as costs and hazards associated with wasted fluid. PurgeX Complete Lubrication Systems are reliable, economical, and easy to install. Systems feature patented PurgeX pumps with a... Read More
  • PurgeX Grease Delivery By Oil Rite Corp.

    PurgeX sets the industry standard for precis, no-mess dispensing of oil and grease. This is compact, easy-to-use, and affordable model that includes an integral reservoir for grease. Motorized PurgeX utilizes common voltages like 120V/60Hz and 24VDC. Up to 4 outputs can be on a single body... Read More
  • PurgeX Lubrication Pump By Oil Rite Corp.

    This economical pump utilizes positive displacement for precise and reliable output. In addition to lubricant, it has been used to dispense ink, solvents, alcohol, dyes, and other industrial fluids. The unique design of the pump converts low pressure compressed air (40-120 psi) to high... Read More
  • PurgeX Motorized Lubrication Pump By Oil Rite Corp.

    Motorized PurgeX® offers many of the same advantages as its air-powered counterpart. Motors are available in common voltages like 120V/60Hz and 24VDC. A rotating cam shaft creates the piston motion required to dispense fluid. Up to 4 outputs can be on a single body and each will cycle once... Read More
  • Python XPR CNC Router By CNC Factory

    CNC Factory’s award winning Python XPR CNC Machine Center now delivers 5th Generation Driverless Controls so you can be a production powerhouse even with a single operator. No back-breaking work. No Stops. Inclusions: • Lifetime Technical Support • CNC University Certification • 1 year On-Site... Read More