Modern Woodworking - 4/26/19

Products in the Modern Woodworking Online Blue Book

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  • Vacuum Former By Schultz Forming Products LLC

    Vacuum Formers, 2' X 4', 4' X 4', 4' X 6', 4' X 8' or custom sizes. Read More
  • vacuum presses By Veneer Systems Inc.

    A diverse range of vacuum pressing equipment. Including electric vacuum pumps, air operated vacuum pumps, vacuum bags, flip top frame vacuum tables and accessories for vacuum pressing. Read More
  • Vanity Door Baskets By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Various door mount baskets ideal for organizing vanity cabinets. Read More
  • Veneer By Certainly Wood

    150 selections of raw wood veneer including highly figured woods, burls, crotchwoods and rare species. Millions of square feet of the highest quality veneers in the world, shipped quickly by an expert sales staff. We accept all size orders. Pictures of hundreds of actual flitches to choose from... Read More
  • Veneer Guillotines By Veneer Systems Inc.

    A complete range of single knife guillotines from light duty to heavy duty. Read More
  • veneer hand tools By Veneer Systems Inc.

    A complete range of veneer hand tools including tape dispensers, glue spreaders, veneer saws, veneer punches, veneer hammers, thickness gauges, moisture meters, straight edges and more. Read More
  • Veneer Saws By Veneer Systems Inc.

    Veneer saws available in manual, semi automatic and fully automatic machines. Read More
  • Veneer softener By Veneer Systems Inc.

    Veneer softener for tenderizing difficult veneers prior to pressing. Available in 1 gal., 5 gal. and 55 gal. put ups. Read More
  • veneer splicers By Veneer Systems Inc.

    A range of veneer splicers from hand held zigzag up to longitudinal solid glue line splicers. Read More
  • Vent Plugs and Filters By Oil Rite Corp.

    Vent Plugs can be used to relieve pressure or vacuum on bearing housings, gear boxes, reservoirs, or any application where venting is necessary. They assure pressure equalization and minimize undesirable problems, such as bearing seal blowout due to excessive pressure. Vent plugs are available... Read More
  • VERICUT® Software By CGTech

    Headquartered in Irvine, California CGTech specializes in numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimization, and analysis software technology for manufacturing. Since 1988 CGTech’s product, VERICUT® software, has become the industry standard for simulating CNC machining in order... Read More
  • Versimax Diamond Composite By Diamond Innovations Inc

    Versimax Composite is a ceramic-bonded diamond composite with wear resistance approaching sintered diamond but with substantially high thermal stability than diamond. High mechanical strength, low weight and ability to cut via EDM makes this large cylinder of material a base for many unique... Read More