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  • Water Jet Trimming CNC Machines By CMS North America Inc.

    Our line of CNC waterjet cutting centers provides remarkable precision and high productivity for a range of materials. With available 5-axis capabilities, Fanuc anthropomorphic robots, and abrasive waterjet technology, CMS North America's waterjet systems deliver exceptional performance in... Read More
  • Weeke CNC Routers By Stiles Machinery Inc.

    Weeke has manufactured wood processing and plastic processing machines for the furniture, carpentry and plastics manufacturing industries since 1945, and revolutionized both industries with the world’s first lock insertion machine in 1954. Weeke also pioneered multi-spindle drilling of work... Read More
  • Weeke Matrix By Vacuumpods.com

    Blue Matrix Pod with Components Custom Oversized Pod in Phenolic to Weeke machines 2x6 Custom Pod 2X6 Custom Pod With Aluminum Valve Assembly 2X6 Custom Pod Aluminum Valve Assembly Pressure Nipple for Matrix Pod Read More
  • White Durometer 35 Silicone - textured/smooth By Smartech International, LP

    Compound A-SA 35-80 Durometer 35° +/- 5° Elongation > 750% Tensile Strength > 1160 psi (8.0 Mpa) Max. Temperature 200°C / 392°F Read More
  • Wide Sanding Belts By Red Hill Corp., Supergrit Abrasives

    We have a huge inventory of wide belts in Aluminum Oxide, Alumina Zirconia, and Ceramic resin bond on heavy-duty cloth backing. If you do not see your size listed, please let us quote you on your size and grit. To see Floor Belts click here. Please note: You may order 13" X 32" and 16" x 48"... Read More
  • Wine Bottle Storage By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Wire storage accessories designed to both store and display wine bottles. Available in our Frosted Nickel finish. Made in the USA. Read More
  • Wire Susans By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Available in kidney shape, full round and half moon styles. Each style is featured in white or Frosted Nickel finish. Read More
  • Wood Cabinet Doors By Cabinet Components, Inc.

    Custom cabinet doors - mitered Read More
  • Wood Susans By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Baltic Birch wood susans, available in a variety of styles and sizes, including post- mount and super susan styles. Read More
  • Wood Table Slides By B. Graves Associates

    Designed to answer your various requirements, our slides are manufactured with the purpose of functionality as well as adding an element of strength to your tables. They open and close with ease while preserving their sturdiness. Our precision machining of parts allow for easy and solid... Read More
  • Wood Tech Series By Finzer Roller, Inc.

    If you are looking to achieve the best possible finish, look no further than the Wood- Tech Series of products from Finzer Roller. Custom made for the woodworking industry, our rollers, finishing brushes and replacement parts feature some of the most advanced formulations found in the market... Read More
  • woodworking adhesives By Veneer Systems Inc.

    A wide range of adhesives for general woodworking, veneering and specialty applications. Read More
  • Wrapped Moldings By Tafcor , Inc.

    Veneer, paper, vinyl, polyester and other wrapped and raw moldings. Read More