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About Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co.

Since 1954 many molders have been sold to cabinet shops, lumberyards, carpenters, schools, furniture makers, hobbyists, picture frame artisans, millwork shops, contractors, restoration specialists & more.

These versatile American made molders offer straight, curved and elliptical molding applications. Choose from constant or variable feed.

W&H molders feature many advantages:
• 3 cut varieties (straight, curved and elliptical) with 1 machine
• Cut up to a 6 3/4” Profile
• Open-ended design for wide boards/doors
• Quick & Easy Knife Set Up
• Little to no maintenance
• Technical and Sales Support for the lifetime of your molder
• Upgrades Available for vintage molders

Williams & Hussey also makes profile knives. Choose from standard or custom profile knives. Our custom knives can be made if your project requires moldings for a historical renovation, matching existing molding, or your customer would prefer a custom molding. We also offer profile knife sharpening.

Products by Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co.

By Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co.

7" Variable Feed Molder/Planer The W&H Model 206 is a versatile machine in the shop. This model is suited for customers that want to produce high quality moldings from a variety of millable materials. The 206 has variable feed and multi-pass capabilities, which provides an unbeatable combination. These important features... Read more »

By Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co.

Standard Profile Knives With over 200 standard knife profiles, your option for creating unique designs is unlimited. Knives come in 1” – 7” increments and are made of high-speed steel. Our customers report getting thousands of feet from their knives before they need to be sharpened when using clean, good quality... Read more »

By Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co.

Sometimes a job requires something special. That’s when you use W&H custom profile knives. These knives are frequently used for historical renovations, matching existing molding or for customers that want a unique look. It is an easy process. 1. Send us a sample, .dxf file or... Read more »