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  • A2MC Controller By AXYZ International Inc.

    As part of a complete system, the machine controller is generally considered the heart of machine. Since 1990, AXYZ has been developing, programming and supplying our own control systems for the CNC machines we build and for other OEMs around the world. As with any component so integral to the... Read More
  • Abort Gates By Clarke's Industries Inc.

    Clarke’s Abort Gates feature the latest in fire/explosion prevention technology. These Hi-Speed Abort Gates are located at the inlet to the baghouse or cyclone to prevent sparks or flame from entering. The gate release mechanism hold the gate in the normal operation position. An electrical... Read More
  • Abrasives By Custom Service Hardware, Inc.

    Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of abrasive products in a variety of sizes, shapes and grits. Whether you’re using them for grinding, buffing, polishing, sharpening or sanding, we have the abrasives you've been looking for. Choose from our different types of abrasive products including... Read More
  • ACAM by CADCode By CADCode Systems

    ACAM (AutoCAD Automation Module) from CADCode – ACAM enhances the use of AutoCAD by Autodesk in production work. Import jobs via DWG files, eliminating the need to collect and import individual DXF files. Edit parts on-the-fly from AutoCAD or other programs without changing the original file. A... Read More
  • Accessories By American Fabric Filter Co.

    An efficient and clean way to handle collected dust for many shops is to use plastic bags. We have the two most common sized bags made for us from a high density poly-resin. A double sealed straight bottom provides maximum reliability. Available in rolls of 50 bags, or individually for hobbyists... Read More
  • Accessories By Norse Inc.

    Accessories complement our latch and receiver systems. Accessories range from keys and handles to escutcheons, hole-hiding cover buttons and Gear Head invisible screw and wood inserts. Read More
  • Acmos release agents By Veneer Systems Inc.

    Acmos release agents for many different types of adhesives. Read More
  • Adhesive for the Outdoor Installation of Artificial Turf (NORDOT®) By Synthetic Surfaces Inc.

    NORDOT® Adhesives are used worldwide more than any other adhesive for the outdoor installation of artificial turf athletic fields, and also for playgrounds; golf; marine; flooring; roofing; water parks; sport and other recreational surfaces. Professionals know that for fast, reliable and... Read More
  • Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System By Wagner Meters

    Proven over the last 40 years in hundreds of mills worldwide, Wagner's Moisture Measurement and moisture analysis software have been the solutions to minimize wet claims. By providing critical moisture quality control data, mills can rely on these valuable tools to alleviate product degrade... Read More
  • Aggregate Heads for CNC Routers By Techniks Inc.

    Techniks offers a variety of aggregate heads to speed up CNC router operations. Simply load these heads into your tool-changer to combine routing, drilling, sawing, and mortising operations. These aggregrate heads are available for HSK, BT, and ISO spindles. “Aggregate heads enable CNC... Read More

    This innovative, manufacturing-oriented inventory management system allows accurate tracking of both stock and scrap inventories, even in environments where multiple users are accessing the same material inventory simultaneously. AIMS eliminates allocation overlap by using a “check-in” and... Read More
  • Air Compressors By MACHINEKING

    American IMC, Becker, Binks, Busch, Gardner-Denver, Hankison, Ingersoll-Rand, Joy Twist Air,Kaeser, Kellogg-American, Le Roi, Quincy, Speedaire, Sullair, Zeks, Actionaire, Arrow, Atlas Copco,Bauer, Champion, Craftsman, Curtis, Curtis-Toledo, Custom Built, Dayton, Deltech-Hydrogard,Devilbiss,... Read More
  • Air Handling Systems Industrial Dust Collection Vac Kit By Air Handling Systems

    The Industrial Vacuum Hose & Kit will put the stray dust where it belongs - in the dust collector. Provides great solution for combustible dust collection. The Vacuum Kit includes the following: 2-1/2" Industrial Vacuum Hose (25 feet long) Nozzle Kit including: Crevice tool 14" wide Floor... Read More
  • Air Hinges By Salice America Inc.

    Air hinges, with integrated soft close mechanism are small and compact. They are attached to the top and bottom panel of the cabinet. Small size, but excellent performance. Compactness in design, but with high technological content. The concealed hinge Air is a perfect combination of efficiency... Read More
  • Air Operated Spray Dispensers By Oil Rite Corp.

    Air Operated Spray Dispensers can be used to lubricate elevated, distant, or inaccessible points. The central clear acrylic or steel reservoir dispenses liquid to 1 or more spray nozzles. The amount of liquid sprayed is adjustable from a fine spray, invisible to the eye, to a coarse spray.... Read More
  • AirCenter By Kaeser Compressors

    Kaeser AirCenters: These outstanding packaged compressed air systems come complete with a Kaeser Sigma rotary screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer and optional filter – all compactly mounted on a receiver tank. Simply connect the power and air-line, and you have a fully operational... Read More
  • Airtower By Kaeser Compressors

    Kaeser’s Airtower compressor packages: These competitively-priced models combine a rotary screw air compressor, storage tank and dryer in one durable and compact unit. Designed for light industrial and commercial workshops, Airtowers are available in 4, 5 and 7 ½ hp models and deliver up to 28... Read More
  • Allwood Sheet Veneer By Edgemate, Inc.

    Edgemate's most popular sheet veneer product is our Allwood. Cross Ply Two Ply construction ensures easy fabrication, reduces issues associated with paper backed veneer and leaves no dark line with making seams. Avialable in 56 different species,with cross ply and sequence matching available. Read More
  • Aluminum Oxide Belts By Red Hill Corp., Supergrit Abrasives

    Tough Aluminum Oxide bonded to heavy-duty "X" weight cloth backing. Phenolic resin over resin bond. Open coat resists clogging. Smooth taped butt joints with no bump. Buy individual belts or save in full pack quantities. Read More
  • Amerock Introduces the NEW Candler Collection By Amerock

    Elegant distinction. Introducing the new Candler collection from Amerock. Strong lines and soft curves add a touch of femininity to provide enduring class and timeless character. Available in three unique designs and three classic finishes. Read More
  • Amerock's Atherly Collection By Amerock

    Traditional design and a touch of detail blend together to create a clean, refined look. The elegant profile and delicate beading showcases the simple sophistication of Amerock's latest collection, Atherly. With two uniquely styled knobs and two sizes of pulls this graceful collection is... Read More
  • Amerock's Essential'Z Collection By Amerock

    Amerock has added new pulls in a mix of sizes to compliment the clean, sleek look of the Essential'Z collection. All of the pieces will give the home a relaxing touch, as the arc of the handle is a compromise between harder lines of typical modern decor and the gentle softening many spaces... Read More
  • Amerock's Harmony Collection By Amerock

    Classically contemporary. Amerock's Harmony collection emphasizes clean lines and crisp details. Offered in three sizes and in the popular Satin Nickel finish Harmony creates a simple, yet noticeable touch. Read More
  • Amerock's Introduces Extensity By Amerock

    Modern lines and details create visual depth adding drama to any cabinet surface. Amerock's Extensity collection is available in three coordinating shapes and three distinct finishes. Read More
  • AN100 By Hansentek

    Hansentek, manufacturer of Spark Detection & Extinguishment Systems, offers the AN6400 multi-zone system and AN100 single zone system. The AN100 single zone system is capable of protecting a dust collector with one duct up to 44” diameter. Hansentek’s systems are designed to give you the utmost... Read More
  • AN6400 By Hansentek

    Hansentek’s AN6400 Spark Detection and Extinguishment System is fully expandable up to 64 zones, yet is still competitive even for single zone systems. Our infra red spark detectors can detect and signal the presence of a spark in less than 1 millisecond. This quick response, coupled with our... Read More
  • Antique Desk Top Leather By DCT Leathers

    The “Leather on Top” Desk Top program is a 15 year proven formula that is considered the paramount of the Desk Top leather market. DCT Leathers offers free instructions for application of the leather to your table or Desk Top and delivery can be made within 2 weeks andantique desk top leather is... Read More
  • Appliance Lift By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

    Gas cylinder assisted mechanism easily helps raise and lower kitchen appliance. Optional butcher-block top and basket sold separately. Read More
  • Architectural Kitchen Accents By Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp.

    Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation supplies a full line of wood building products including architectural kitchen accents like mouldings, table legs, bun feet, columns and posts, ornaments, corbels, appliques, onlays, as well as accessories such as drawer boxes, valances, range hoods and... Read More
  • ARDIS OPTIMIZER By Eurosoft Inc.

    The world’s premier optimization software offers unrivalled improvements in material yield, machine efficiency and panel processing times, and can help you achieve maximal automation from the office to the factory floor. This professional software package has proven itself in nearly 6000... Read More
  • Arminius - Cylinder & Angle Rotorbrush By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    Sand multiple, similar profiles with one tool The Cylinder type tool and Angle Brushes can be used together or be used individually, depending on the profile or profile family. The hub around the boring Arminius keeps compact in height and diameter to target a variety of application. Cylinder... Read More
  • Arminius Basic-Line By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    Professional profile sanding systems available at a price to suit the cabinet shop budget. In a variable design for use as a cost-efficient tool for table top-, CNC- , throughfeed machines and automatic moulders in cabinet shops and - with relevant equipment - for industrial operations. 3 x 3... Read More
  • Arminius CF/SCR By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    ARMINIUS CF/SCR double combination sanding tools Wide-ranging scope for combination: One profile comprising 2 individual tools 3 x 3 qualities for 3 x 3 performance requirements: For fitting with individual segments capable of working with three different basic systems. Read More
  • Arminius Decorprofile sanding system By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    Sanding decorative grooves on CNC routers ...with Face Profile Sanding Discs on vertical spindles The flexible facilities of CNC routers or workcenters enable these decorative elements to be put in place in the design using commercial production methods. Nothing can be done with just the... Read More
  • Arminius HD-System By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    The HD system is also suited for applications involving many profile changes within a shift or within a day of production. This would include applications that are typical seen in the woodworking shops as the Kitchen cabinet, and furniture industry. Arminius has seen a need to address the many... Read More
  • Arminius SC-Sanding System By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    Sanding raised panels 3x3 qualities for 3x3 performance requirements It is absolutely essential for raised panels to be sanded. No matter whether solid wood, veneered or MDF core. Using the Arminius SC system, a ready to finish (RTF) quality sanded finish is guaranteed. With multiple (2-3 fold)... Read More
  • Arminius UNI-Line By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

    ARMINIUS UNI-Line profile sanding tooling system Universal sanding tool with combination facility for all profile sanding requirements. and – with the relevant equipment – for industrial operation on CNC throughfeed machines and automatic moulders to a high standard of precision and outstanding... Read More
  • Ascent By Accuride International

    The Ascent (CBLift-0019) is a slim and compact, mechanical lift for small television and computer screens sized up to 14.5 pounds, 17.5" tall, and 22" diagonally. The Ascent does not require power; movement is controlled through counterbalancing weights. To operate, the user presses lightly on... Read More
  • Assembly Components By Allen Field Company Inc

    Allen Field Company acquired PX Hardware in 1992, and has carried a full line of shelf pins and shelf supports for the woodworking industry ever since. Particularly useful for cabinetmakers and cabinet shops, our shelf locks are made of plastic, nickel, or brass. Accommodating all shelf sizes,... Read More
  • Assembly Screws By QuickScrews® International Corporation

    Quickscrews Assembly Screws are our best valued fasteners, designed for use in a variety of softer woods and particle board. These screws are a significant upgrade from Drywall and Sheet Metal Screws, and we have a wide selection in Phillips, Square and Combo Head as well as Black, Plain and... Read More
  • AT-5 By Castle, Inc.

    The AT-5 Basic Series is built using the same sturdy construction of our Open Back series. With a footprint of only five feet by four feet, this table takes up 35% less space and meets the space restrictions of even the smallest shop environments. Because of the open fencing system, it can... Read More
  • AT-8 By Castle, Inc.

    Because of its low profile squaring fence, the AT-8 Basic Series can handle the work of a 12 foot assembly table. The highly efficient design allows the hold-down cylinders to be repositioned and clamped in one, quick, smooth action for fast production. The super rigid, high precision beam is... Read More
  • AT-8 OB By Castle, Inc.

    The AT-8 Open Back is built using sturdy beam construction and a highly efficient, ergonomic design. The four cylinders can be repositioned and clamped in one simple hand motion. The super ridged, high precision beam is light and strong. A convenient screw tray is inches away from the job at... Read More
  • Athena - 5 axis CNC By CMS North America Inc.

    CMS North America's Athena machining center delivers high performance and exceptional quality. Utilizing a high performance electrospindle, the Athena system provides outstanding machining speeds for any material. A fully enclosed work envelope offers safe, efficient CNC machining of medium- to... Read More
  • Autofill Air Operated Dispenser By Oil Rite Corp.

    Oil-Rite Corporation designed a spray dispenser for use with continuously operating machinery. A standard spray dispenser uses a pressurized vessel to spray a lubricant or industrial fluid. The autofill spray dispenser utilizes alternating reservoirs in a controlled sequence to attain an... Read More
  • Automotive - Honeycomb Core Panels By Tricel Honeycomb Corporation

    Since the debut of truck caps in the early 60’s, paper honeycomb has served as the most economical and stable core material available to FRP cap manufacturers. Tricel is now the leader, and most caps and tonneaus produced in the U.S. (and many overseas) contain our material. The strength and... Read More
  • Automotive Upholstery Hides By DCT Leathers

    If your requirements for automotive leather hides demand the highest quality and largest selection, DCT Leathers has the ability to meet your automotive hide and leather automotive replacement and restoration needs. DCT Leathers is proud to offer Muirhead leather, with over 150 colors,... Read More
  • AutoTEMP By CNC Technology

    CNC Template Making systems. Makes templates for profile grinders. 3 machines available with different capabilities. Allowing you to make perfect templates from scratch in as little as 12 minutes. Each system includes CAD, scanner, bits plastic and a moulding library of 450 moulding... Read More
  • AVENTOS Lift Systems By Blum Inc.

    With the launch of AVENTOS Blum is perfecting the motion of lift mechanisms for wall cabinets. This recent innovation combines; perfecting motion, modern design and simple assembly/adjustment – all within a straight- forward uniform program. Take a look at the AVENTOS range and you will find a... Read More
  • AVG-48-CC By Auto 'V' Grooving Inc.

    Fully computerized Universal 'V' Groover with both cross and lineal 'V' grooving capabilities. Cross 'V' Grooving for perfect casegoods such as cabinets, drawers and other store fixtures, architectural millwork and furniture components. Lineal 'V' Grooving for fast and precise edge-folded and... Read More
  • Aviation Upholstery Hides By DCT Leathers

    If you have needs for a variety of Aircraft Leather, DCT Leathers distributes Andrew Muirhead’s and Bridge of Weir’s variety of Aircraft Leather, Aircraft Upholstery, Aviation Leather and Aviation Upholstery that meets or exceeds all aviation standards.Our Aircraft Leather program alloaviationws... Read More
  • AVS Vision Registration System By AXYZ International Inc.

    For the sign and graphics industry, AXYZ offers innovative products such as the AXYZ AVS Vision Registration System. AVS enables you to cut out digitally printed images from rigid materials with the highest accuracy system available.​ The AXYZ Vision System is a high performance, low cost... Read More
  • AXYZ Series CNC Router By AXYZ International Inc.

    AXYZ Series – The most versatile CNC machine system in the industry The AXYZ Series is a popular, highly configurable CNC router offering an extensive range of machine sizes, a variety of tool configurations, and the most diverse combination of productivity options in the industry. With an... Read More
  • AXYZ Z Series CNC Router By AXYZ International Inc.

    AXYZ Z Series – High quality, full size CNC router system for the budget conscious The Z Series CNC Router is our entry level, full sized system. Developed in the same state-of-the-art manufacturing facility as all AXYZ machines, the Z Series hares many of the same components as its more... Read More