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About Arminius Tooling, Inc.

For over 50 years, ARMINIUS Tooling has played a determining role in the market place as one of the biggest suppliers of profile sanding tools. Our tools, which are used in the production of furniture, doors and windows, have become an indispensable component of the machine tool range used by industrial and cabinet shop producers. We are confident that you will see that Arminius has a solution for all of your companies profile sanding needs and at ARMINIUS we always put our customers needs first.

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Products by Arminius Tooling, Inc.

By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

Professional profile sanding systems available at a price to suit the cabinet shop budget. In a variable design for use as a cost-efficient tool for table top-, CNC- , throughfeed machines and automatic moulders in cabinet shops and - with relevant equipment - for industrial operations. 3 x 3... Read more »

By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

ARMINIUS UNI-Line profile sanding tooling system Universal sanding tool with combination facility for all profile sanding requirements. and – with the relevant equipment – for industrial operation on CNC throughfeed machines and automatic moulders to a high standard of precision and outstanding... Read more »

By Arminius Tooling, Inc.

ARMINIUS CF/SCR double combination sanding tools Wide-ranging scope for combination: One profile comprising 2 individual tools 3 x 3 qualities for 3 x 3 performance requirements: For fitting with individual segments capable of working with three different basic systems. Read more »

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