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  • Arminius - Cylinder & Angle Rotorbrush

    Sand multiple, similar profiles with one tool The Cylinder type tool and Angle Brushes can be used together or be used individually, depending on the profile or profile family. The hub around the boring Arminius keeps compact in height and diameter to target a variety of application. Cylinder... Read More
  • Arminius Basic-Line

    Professional profile sanding systems available at a price to suit the cabinet shop budget. In a variable design for use as a cost-efficient tool for table top-, CNC- , throughfeed machines and automatic moulders in cabinet shops and - with relevant equipment - for industrial operations. 3 x 3... Read More
  • Arminius CF/SCR

    ARMINIUS CF/SCR double combination sanding tools Wide-ranging scope for combination: One profile comprising 2 individual tools 3 x 3 qualities for 3 x 3 performance requirements: For fitting with individual segments capable of working with three different basic systems. Read More
  • Arminius Decorprofile sanding system

    Sanding decorative grooves on CNC routers ...with Face Profile Sanding Discs on vertical spindles The flexible facilities of CNC routers or workcenters enable these decorative elements to be put in place in the design using commercial production methods. Nothing can be done with just the... Read More
  • Arminius HD-System

    The HD system is also suited for applications involving many profile changes within a shift or within a day of production. This would include applications that are typical seen in the woodworking shops as the Kitchen cabinet, and furniture industry. Arminius has seen a need to address the many... Read More
  • Arminius SC-Sanding System

    Sanding raised panels 3x3 qualities for 3x3 performance requirements It is absolutely essential for raised panels to be sanded. No matter whether solid wood, veneered or MDF core. Using the Arminius SC system, a ready to finish (RTF) quality sanded finish is guaranteed. With multiple (2-3 fold)... Read More
  • Arminius UNI-Line

    ARMINIUS UNI-Line profile sanding tooling system Universal sanding tool with combination facility for all profile sanding requirements. and – with the relevant equipment – for industrial operation on CNC throughfeed machines and automatic moulders to a high standard of precision and outstanding... Read More
  • Cleaner Systems

    In particular when processing resinous wood, the optimum service life of an abrasive can only be achieved and guaranteed where the machine is fitted with abrasive cleaning systems. For this purpose, ARMINIUS has developed both the add-on installation for the machine and also cleaning nozzles to... Read More
  • CNC Sanding Tools

    Why tracing to CNC tools: Profile edges whose profile transition runs gently into the workpiece surface bring about considerable problems due to the thickness tolerances of the workpiece. This mechanical thickness tracing system from ARMINIUS® provides the answer when working with CNC... Read More
  • Sanding Units

    Perfect edge and radius sanding in combination with perfect edge radius cutting. This system will address the large variety of solid wood edges that are found in the furniture industry. The variations include any straight edge, as well as any size of radii that are found on the stair treads.... Read More
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