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By CNC Factory

The Badger is CNC Factory’s 5th Generation CNC series of automatic digital edgebanders and has the smallest footprint for an edgebander with its features. Inclusions: • Lifetime Technical Support • CNC University Certification The Badger comes in 3 models. All have these features (BADGER... Read more »

By Corp

Making repairs or replacing a baghouse cell plate is not uncommon, especially for units used in high temp or high sulfur environments. However, serious precautions must be taken not to distort its original intended shape. Extreme cation must be paid to welding splatter, fire safety and... Read more »

By Corp offers Dust Collector Explosion Vents for our customers. Installation service is also available. Please Contact Us for pricing information, and compatibility with your current baghouse collector. An explosion vent is a safety device to protect equipment or buildings against... Read more »

By Corp

Selecting the Correct Baghouse Filter is Vital for Obtaining Optimum Performance from your Baghouse! Selecting the incorrect baghouse filter will result in the system performing inefficiently, emitting excess pollutants and damage to other system and plant components. Whereas the correct filter... Read more »

By Corp

You may think Filter Replacement is something your in-house maintenance department can handle. However with your Dust Collection System being one of your largest investments; do you really want to risk damage to your System by using unqualified workers to perform maintenance work? We have... Read more »

By Corp

Your dust collector is a complex industrial machine that is made up of hundreds of different components. Sourcing so many different parts can be a maintenance nightmare. Do not worry, is here to help. By being able to source not only common baghouse replacement parts, but also... Read more »

By Corp

Are you experiencing efficiency problems, large pressure drops, increased emissions, or other operating difficulties with your Dust Collection System? Leaking within the System could be to blame. By having a technician perform a system leak test, you will be able to pinpoint exactly... Read more »

By Corp

"Any regular maintenance program for your Baghouse should include periodic Leak Testing." Periodic leak testing helps to detect compromised filters, exposes bag bleed-through, damaged tubesheets, or bad seals within your system that can lead to lower efficiency. provides an... Read more »

By Corp

"Cut Costs, Improve Maintenance Results, and Increase Efficiency" Many customers have seen the wisdom of choosing to perform their regular Dust Collection System maintenance. With a program you will be electing to have one of our highly trained service teams regularly... Read more »

By Corp

A Manometer is a precision instrument designed to measure a wide range of pressures to a very high accuracy. Increasingly hand-held versions of this instrument are being used extensively to measure pressure changes throughout a system for maintenance purposes. supplies Manometers... Read more »

By Corp offers a complete line of rotary airlocks for dust collectors. Our airlocks can be used in such applications such as gravity discharge of filters, rotary valves, cyclone dust collectors, and rotary airlock storage devices to precision feeders for dilute phase and continuous dense... Read more »

By Corp

Often your dust collection system will prove to be among your facility’s largest equipment investments. Additionally, its performance, for better or for worse will affect nearly every aspect of your operation, including your production rates, emissions regulation compliance, worker safety, and... Read more »

By Corp

By far, the smartest decision you will ever make regarding your dust collector maintenance is choosing to receive a on-site consultation from a technical advisor. Our standard (TA) technical advisor visit includes a thorough 28 point inspection of each Dust Collector system by one... Read more »

By Corp

Simplify your on-demand cleaning system requirements by installing a Timer Board for your Baghouse. With the latest in Timer Board technology, it is now possible to have one Timer Board for on demand and continuous cleaning applications, eliminating the need for external devices such as... Read more »

By American Fabric Filter Co.

When it comes to baghouses, lots of people in the wood, plastics and food industries have seen one. (The key word here is "one".) Many think they're all similar. Actually, there have been several thousand manufacturers over the past century making a wildly diverse range of designs. The handful... Read more »

By Ogden Group

Ogden offers a wide variety of Bandsaw blades for all makes and models of vertical and/or horizontal bandsaw machinery. Bandsaw blades can be custom made according to the material being cut (ie. dry wood vs. green wood). Blades can be produced with various tooth pitch, tooth kerf , band length... Read more »

By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

A variety of all wire basket pull outsfor base cabinets. Organize and gain quick access to pots, pans, vegtables, and cleanding supplies with these smart storage systems. Available in a frosted nickel wire finish. Some with wood accents. Made in the USA. Read more »

By Stiles Machinery Inc.

Creating complex, three-dimensional components from wood, metal, plastics and non-wood composites - and doing it with speed and precision – requires innovative technology. It means thinking beyond the traditional ways of machining and pushing out to develop entirely new ways of... Read more »

By Custom Accents

Keeping keyboards, office supplies and files within reach is a requirement for an efficient, comfortable work space. Reducing ergonomic stress is important to office workers sitting or standing for long periods of time. The Custom Accents® storage options for below the desk include keyboard... Read more »


Tiger Pod with Valve Replacement & Gasket Tiger ½ Pod & Gasket Material Tiger Full Pod with Valve, Locating Ring & Gasket Tiger Half Pod with Valve, Locating Ring & Gasket Tiger Quarter Pod with Valve, Locating Ring & Gasket Tiger 1/8 Pod with Valve, Locating Ring & Gasket Three Piece... Read more »

By Custom Service Hardware, Inc.

Home repairs and projects are a breeze when you use reliable power tools. From small tweaks to full projects like building shelves or furniture, having a set of power tools and accessories will yield great results. Whether you need specific blades to cut with precision and care, shaper cutters... Read more »

By Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.

Unique pull slide out products designed to increase the accessibility of blind corner cabinets. Made in the USA. Read more »

By Smartech International, LP

Compound A-SA 45-55 Durometer 45° +/- 5° Elongation > 650% Tensile Strength > 1100 psi (7.6 Mpa) Max. Temperature 200°C / 392°F Read more »

By Castaly Machine

-Pneumatic clamp and drill head travel for fast and easy operate. -Precision large travel piston to insure accurate drilling position. -Heavy-duty cast iron frame for durability long period of use. -Suitable and affordable for industrial and small workshop use. -Capable of using “multiple... Read more »

By Ghanshyam Industries

We are constantly engaged in manufacturing high quality material of precision BRASS COMPONENTS ranging from 01mm to 50mm O.D. Like ……… Screws Nuts Bolts Washers Inserts Rivets Fasteners Hinges Pins Sockets Bush Nipple Sheet Components Energy Meter Parts Terminals... Read more »


Busellato Replacement Full Pod Busellato Replacement Half Pod Busellato Replacement 1/4 Pod Read more »

By Diamond Innovations Inc

Diamond Innovations manufactures a complete line of high quality polycrystalline CBN products for machining ferrous materials. BZN Compacts tool blanks and inserts are supply in both WC support and as a solid PCBN. The products are designed to deliver maximum productivity in specific... Read more »