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GreCon Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems provides excellent preventive protection; it does not wait for an actual fire or dust explosion to erupt. The GreCon system prevents the development of these hazards by early detection and elimination of the ignition source. IR detectors monitor the conveying paths and activate high-speed water extinguishing within milliseconds.

GreCon offers you fire prevention solutions for many different industrial processes. Explosions and fires pose a major fire risk in various production areas. These include filter systems, mills, extraction systems, pipelines, dryers or conveyor belts.

Other industries such as wood, biomass, metal, packaging and pharmaceuticals, are just a handful of the industries protected by GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems. With GreCon's customized concepts and solutions, dangerous sparks and hot parts in the production process can be automatically detected and extinguished if necessary. As a result, costly production interruptions, risks to people and damage to plant and machinery can be avoided.

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By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in furniture production The production of furniture often requires very complex processes. Wooden and other combustible materials are worked in different ways by numerous fast-running machines. Therefore, furniture production holds a high risk of fire. Sparks, glowing embers or particles, generated in different plant... Read more »

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By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in OSB panel production Thanks to their three-layer construction out of oriented long chips, OSB panels (oriented strand board) stand out due to their good mechanical properties. Especially in wooden constructions, OSB panels are nowadays essential as supporting and reinforcing structural elements. However, the... Read more »

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By Fagus GreCon, Inc.

Fire and explosion protection in wood-based panel production Within the forestry industry, the wood based panel industry is of utmost significance. It is only thanks to the mechanical transformation of the grown wood into wood based panels with defined properties that the requirements of modern wooden and furniture constructions can be optimally complied... Read more »

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