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About CryoKinetics

-We manufacture, install, and service on-sander abrasive belt cleaning equipment, so you can clean your abrasive sanding belts right on your sanders, without the need for removal of the abrasive.
-Due to covid19, we have perfected remotely supervised installation of the on-sander belt cleaning systems and offer remote training on all of our equipment, saving time and reducing overall cost of investment.
-Additionally, we manufacture off-sander abrasive belt cleaning cabinets which are adjustable for abrasive belts belts up to 65" wide.
-We also build cleaning stations for both adhesive and hook & loop abrasive discs for hand-held rotary sanders and orbital abrasive pads for hand-held orbital sanders.
-Clients reduce abrasive cost up to 95% for softwood sanding (up to 80% for hardwood sanding) Cleaning belts also improves sanded quality, reduces downtime and landfill waste, and enhances employee safety.

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Products by CryoKinetics

By CryoKinetics

Cleaning Cabinet for cleaning Hook & Loop Rotary Abrasive Sanding Discs for hand-held sanders. Save your used rotary hook & loop sanding discs for cleaning and reuse. Extend the life of your rotary sanding discs and cut your abrasive costs by up to 80%. Read more »

By CryoKinetics

Cleaning Cabinet for cleaning Orbital Sander Abrasive Sheets for hand-held sanders. Clean your abrasive orbital sheets right on the hand-held sander. Extend the life of your orbital abrasive sheets and cut your abrasive costs by up to 80%. Read more »

By CryoKinetics

Cleaning Cabinet for cleaning Rotary Abrasive Adhesive Sanding Discs without removal from the hand-held sander. Clean your adhesive abrasive rotary discs right on the sander. Extend the life of your abrasive rotary discs and reduce your abrasive costs by up to 80%. Read more »

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