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About TG Tools

Common twist bits, masonry bits and specialty wood/plastics boring bits. The KIK series of specialty bits includes a Forstner with 9 cutting edges that produces exceptionally clean holes in wood and plastics, "100% faster". KIK Forstner can even bore CURVED holes, slots and channels. The KIK modified brad point bits contain 20% more cutting surface for top efficiency, quality and longevity. Cuts 100% faster in Wood, 50% less cleaner in Sheet Metal and 690% faster in Acrylic. The KIK modified spade bit has 30% more cutting surface for faster boring and longest life. The KIK Spade bit can bore Curved Path, ease installation of plumbing, electrical and many other projects. The common twist bits include- Black HS Drill Bit, Titanium Coated, Cobalt Plated, Solid Cobalt and Heavy Duty Drill Bit, Masonry Drill Bit and Silver Deming Drill Bit

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