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  • Air Operated Spray Dispensers

    Air Operated Spray Dispensers can be used to lubricate elevated, distant, or inaccessible points. The central clear acrylic or steel reservoir dispenses liquid to 1 or more spray nozzles. The amount of liquid sprayed is adjustable from a fine spray, invisible to the eye, to a coarse spray.... Read More
  • Autofill Air Operated Dispenser

    Oil-Rite Corporation designed a spray dispenser for use with continuously operating machinery. A standard spray dispenser uses a pressurized vessel to spray a lubricant or industrial fluid. The autofill spray dispenser utilizes alternating reservoirs in a controlled sequence to attain an... Read More
  • Chain Lubricators

    Chain lubricators dispense liquid by gravity through an adjustable needle valve. The liquid feed rate is visible through a sight chamber. Flow to the brush is controlled with either a manual toggle switch or electronically with a solenoid. Brush bristles can be specified as nylon or stainless... Read More
  • Circulating Oil Systems

    Circulating Oil Systems provide continuous flow of liquid to bearings, gearboxes, and blowers. They circulate various liquids such as oils, synthetic lubricants, ethylene glycol, and jet fuel. Circulating Oil Systems are commonly used for heavily loaded bearings operating at high speeds and... Read More
  • Liquid Level Gages

    Liquid level gages are used where it is necessary to check liquid levels for the protection of costly equipment: tanks, pumps, compressors, reservoirs, hydraulic equipment, bearings, gear boxes, crank cases, transformers, and switches. They are manufactured in various materials: brass,... Read More
  • Oil/Industrial Fluid Reserviors

    Oil-Rite offers a variety of reservoirs that can either be direct mounted to bearing housings, gear boxes, or transmissions, or remote mounted. Reservoirs are available in acrylic, polycarbonate, Pyrex (glass), and steel in a variety of capacities and designs. Additional options include... Read More
  • PurgeX Complete Lubrication Systems

    PurgeX pumps provide precise liquid delivery at exact intervals, reducing excess environmental contaminants as well as costs and hazards associated with wasted fluid. PurgeX Complete Lubrication Systems are reliable, economical, and easy to install. Systems feature patented PurgeX pumps with a... Read More
  • PurgeX Grease Delivery

    PurgeX sets the industry standard for precis, no-mess dispensing of oil and grease. This is compact, easy-to-use, and affordable model that includes an integral reservoir for grease. Motorized PurgeX utilizes common voltages like 120V/60Hz and 24VDC. Up to 4 outputs can be on a single body... Read More
  • PurgeX Lubrication Pump

    This economical pump utilizes positive displacement for precise and reliable output. In addition to lubricant, it has been used to dispense ink, solvents, alcohol, dyes, and other industrial fluids. The unique design of the pump converts low pressure compressed air (40-120 psi) to high... Read More
  • PurgeX Motorized Lubrication Pump

    Motorized PurgeX® offers many of the same advantages as its air-powered counterpart. Motors are available in common voltages like 120V/60Hz and 24VDC. A rotating cam shaft creates the piston motion required to dispense fluid. Up to 4 outputs can be on a single body and each will cycle once... Read More
  • Small Sight Feed Valves

    Small Sight Feed Valves allow visual observation of the liquid stream, with the volume of flow controlled by an adjustable precision control needle valve. These units are principally used on gravity or pressure lubricating systems for bearing lubrication on machinery. Their use can be extended... Read More
  • Spray Valves

    Oil-Rite’s dependable, compact Spray Valves are for use with Air Operated Spray Dispensers. The amount of liquid sprayed is adjustable from a fine spray, invisible to the eye, to a coarse spray. The valve is designed to create a controlled spray in either a round or flat pattern, minimizing... Read More
  • Vent Plugs and Filters

    Vent Plugs can be used to relieve pressure or vacuum on bearing housings, gear boxes, reservoirs, or any application where venting is necessary. They assure pressure equalization and minimize undesirable problems, such as bearing seal blowout due to excessive pressure. Vent plugs are available... Read More

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