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  • Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System

    Proven over the last 40 years in hundreds of mills worldwide, Wagner's Moisture Measurement and moisture analysis software have been the solutions to minimize wet claims. By providing critical moisture quality control data, mills can rely on these valuable tools to alleviate product degrade... Read More
  • Calibration Verification Block

    Use the Calibration Verification Block to check the calibration of Wagner Moisture Meter models: MMC 205, MMC 210, MMC 220, MMI 1100, BI 2200, L606, L607, L609, L 601-3, L610, and L612. Any time the moisture meter is not reading correctly on the calibration block, it should be sent to the... Read More
  • Digital Moisture Meter

    The affordable Wagner L610 Digital Moisture Meter combines proven Wood-Friendly electromagnetic scanning with an easy-to-read LCD screen featuring a full function two-line, 32-character display. A simple menu system guides you step by step through the selecting, storing, and reporting... Read More
  • Green Lumber Sorting System

    The LDS200 sorting of “green” lumber is a proven, non-contact method of decreasing drying times, tightening final moisture contents, and increasing lumber grade in your mill by sorting your lumber into groups that will dry more uniformly. Features of the LDS200 include: *Non-invasive,... Read More
  • L606 Analog Proline

    Materials to Measure Mouldings & Trim Narrow materials Specific Applications The indicator lights on the panel illuminates to show the moisture content (MC) in 1% increments from 4% up to 16%, then in 2% increments from 16% up to 22%. This moisture meter is non-adjustable for specific... Read More
  • MMC 220 Extended Range

    This meter is designed for domestic and exotic woods. The Extended Range Specify Gravity (SG) allows for settings of .20 - 1.0 to accommodate exotic woods. One of the features of this moisture meter that makes it great for measuring MC in "hard-to-get-to" places is the Press and Hold feature.... Read More
  • MMI 1100 Data Collection

    Materials to Measure Domestic & exotic species Other Building Products – relative reading on materials with similar densities to wood Specific Applications The upgrade in this moisture meter is its ability to store 50 numbers. You are able to view the high, low and average readings of the... Read More
  • Moisture Mangement & Grade Recovery Program

    Wagner’s breakthrough Moisture Management and Grade Recovery (MMGR) Program. Having gone from visionary to reality, the MMGR Program utilizes a revolutionary patent and a new pending patent to bring a common-sense financial approach to the drying of softwood lumber. Because incorrect data and... Read More
  • Quick Scanning Moisture Meter

    The rugged L601-3 is specifically designed for the demanding environment of the sawmill or wood products manufacturing plant where quick-scanning of lumber is a must. Even large boards can be scanned from end to end in seconds.... It makes the job of moisture detection easier, more thorough... Read More
  • Stack Probe Sensor

    The Model L722 Stack Probe Sensor L612 Digital Recording Moisture Meter makes it easy to reach deep into stickered units of lumber and take accurate moisture readings without the danger of broken pins. Wagner's electromagnetic wave technology makes it possible to take multiple readings... Read More
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