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  • Wagner Meters

    Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System: Proven over the last 40 years in hundreds of mills worldwide, Wagner's Moisture Measurement and moisture analysis software have been the solutions to minimize wet claims. By providing critical moisture quality control data, mills can rely on these valuable tools to alleviate product degrade...
  • Boldesigns

  • American Wood Dryers , Inc.

    ThermoVent ®: ThermoVent is a powered flat-plate heat exchanger that uses the heat energy in the hot, wet exhaust air to preheat the cold, dry ambient air by up to 110°F. to keep the air temperature inside the dry kiln very nearly constant. This results in: (1) SHORTER DRYING TIME, up to 15% less than without...
  • New Horizon Corp

    New Horizon Line boilers are a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home and domestic hot water with wood. EKO Line boilers provide the independence and self-reliance that comes from heating with wood. The boilers use wood gasification combustion that provides...